Basic guide

1) Load
The first you have to know before designing your suspension system is the load – or the weight of the product you are going to suspend from the ceiling.
2) Choose the cable thickness
A thin cable of Ø1.0 mm is for a load under 8 kg and a thicker cable of Ø1.5 mm is for up to 18kg.
3) The cable ending
Which cable ending you should choose depends on how you are planning to attach the cable to the ceiling.The cylindrical T2 stopper as cable ending is perfect when used together with an attachment, which is fastened by screw to the ceiling. A T95 loop ending is easy to use when attached to a hook.

4) Attachment
Find a ceiling attachment to attach the T2 ending or use a hook for T95 loop ending.
5) Side exit gripper or not
A gripper where the cable exits from the side is a good solution when there is no room for the cable if it went all the way through the gripper, or if you want a special connector in the bottom.
6) Connect the gripper to your product
Most common are three types of connections:

  1. Female thread at the gripper bottom
  2. Male thread
  3. Hook

As you now understand each suspension system mostly consists of three parts:

  1. Attachment
  2. Cable
  3. Gripper

To find more information on how to use our Suspension System, have a look at the Designers guide.