Suspension systems made to last

For over 20 years we have served our partners within the lighting industry, acoustics, signage, and interior design.

Alemtek’s suspension systems are designed in Sweden with a timeless touch and quality made to last. With our mind on the global environment, material of choice is considered out of a life cycle perspective to reduce our carbon footprint in every stage.

We are known to be a solid partner that is dedicating our uncompromising attention on safety as well as quality and punctuality.

Know-how and our technical expertise are always at your disposal. Working with our team is a creative process that enables new ideas and offers you support in developing new solutions as well as using our wide range of standard products.

We welcome you to the Alemtek sphere.


Team Alemtek
ALEMTEK suspension systems

Green products from Alemtek

When considering the type of metal for your product, companies tend to focus on maintaining their environmental and sustainability credentials. For your next project, lower your carbon footprint by using Alemtek’s products. Alemtek manufactures all products in recycled brass. There are many benefits for choosing recycled brass over other less efficiently recycled metals. Brass can be recycled an infinite number of times and less energy is needed in the recycling process in comparison to other metals.

During 2021, Alemtek chose to change their standard range of steel cables to Stainless Steel instead of Zinc Plated. Due to this change, our cables have a higher performance level, less zinc and energy is used in our processes, and less hazardous waste is generated.

Alemtek also invested in a recycling program with Sweden’s leading recycling company Stena Recycling. Together we have developed a sustainable circular solution for our internal waste management.

ALEMTEK circular economy

Quality products from Alemtek

Alemtek is an ISO 9001 certified company that supplies you with safe products of the highest quality. We have complete control over every aspect of the quality control process. At Alemtek’s site we have dedicated quality engineers and a wide range of instruments, such as a modern tensile testing machine, compression testing machine and measuring instruments.

All our products are tested according to Alemtek’s internal quality assurance protocols and documented according to ISO 9001. Every aspect of the product, from appearance to function is covered to find every significant variation. All our products are labelled to ensure full supply chain traceability, from source to consumer.

Alemtek ensures that international quality standards are met.

ALEMTEK Tensile testing SWEDAC

Technical support

Accurate technical drawings are critical in every phase, from product development to finished product. Drawings are the most important instructions used in manufacturing of the actual product and provides all the necessary information to create a part with utter most perfection and quality.

Alemtek’s drafting technicians are always ready to handle any kind of inquiries you might have. We can help you with both 2D and 3D drawings to fulfil and digitize your vision.

ALEMTEK stp dwg dxf


We comply with environmentally approved materials and way of manufacturing. Through our high knowledge in materials and manufacturing we are certified through ISO 9001 and in compliance with REACH & RoHS. With help from Intertek, who is the industry leader, we are always on track with our environmental footprints. All brass items are also listed in SCIP database for European Chemicals Agency and our way of manufacturing is declared in our Code of Conduct. Our path within the circular economy is well documented.


Acoustics, Display, Exibition, Room divider, Decoration

Everything that hangs from the ceiling or the wall should use our Suspension Systems. Contact us and we will help you to develop your product by using our Easy-To-Use system.

Three-part Suspension System

Attachment, Cable & Gripper. Choose attachment and gripper according to your liking and design. For the cable, the thickness of the cable is determined according to our weight guidelines. All cables can be supplemented with different endings, such as a loop or a stopper.

For further information, please see our Technical page where you can download our E-Catalogue and Technical Manual. Please feel free to send us an e-mail if you have any questions, or take a look in our FAQ.

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