How to use

Easy to use

Insert the cable into the gripper. Always insert the cable through the pin unless otherwise stated.
Adjust the gripper up. When you let go of the gripper it will automatically lock itself on the cable.
Press the pin and adjust down. When you press the pin the lock opens and the gripper slides freely up and down the cable. Release the pin to lock the gripper again.

For safe installation

A. Direction of cable and gripper must be in a straight line.

B. The cable must be inserted all the way through the gripper and protrude at least 25 mm from bottom

Gripper with joint

A. The angle of the cable must be in the same direction as the gripper joint. Otherwise the joint may break.


  • Beware of the risk for electrical shock when the cable enters an electrical appliance.
  • Any attempt to manipulate the gripper mechanism voids all our liabilities.
  • Impulses and vibrations can considerably reduce the total strength.
  • Keep oils/fats away from the cable and grippers.
  • Avoid using grippers in spaces with chlorine or acids that generate fumes.
  • Do not paint or coat the cable or grippers.
  • Dust and small particles can clog the gripper mechanism.
  • Frayed cables might damage the locking mechanism inside grippers. To prevent cut cables from fraying, apply a drop of super-glue.
  • For extra safety, always perform an optical inspection to make sure that all three balls are in place before installing the gripper.
  • Do not over-torque the threads when installing threaded grippers
  • All products are for indoor use only.
  • Combining other products with original Alemtek products voids our responsibility.