Weight guidelines

The table shows results using the right gripper suited for each one of the cable diameters. Please note that there are exceptions for some type of grippers regarding breaking and recommended load. If you are unsure about how to choose the different parts for your suspension system, please contact us for technical support.

Cable diameter Recommended load Breaking load
ø 0,8 mm 4 kg 20 kg
ø 1,0 mm 8 kg 40 kg
ø 1,2 mm 12 kg 60 kg
ø 1,5 mm 18 kg 90 kg
ø 1,8 mm 24 kg 120 kg
ø 2,0 mm 28 kg 140 kg

Cable diameter:
Each value shows the diameter of the cable.

Recommended load:

Each value shows 1/5 of the breaking load and are for guidelines only. This is the value you should be looking for when choosing cable diameter for your suspension system.

Breaking load:
Each value shows the weight when the cable/gripper combination breaks.

Improper installation and wrong choice of components may give undesirable results.

All loads above are based on straight vertical hanging using Alem Teknik gripper and 7×7 cable.