Lighting Magazine in Sweden, issue No 2-2022

Posted on May 19, 2022

In this year´s second edition of the Swedish lighting Magazine Ljuskultur, we show an idea of how to use our hanging systems with acoustic panels.

For this installation we used our ceiling attachment with a slit for the wire. It is easily installed to the ceiling and the slit in the cap enables installations with straight hung objects, even when the ceiling is with angle. Our wires for this installation are of smooth stainless steel, 7×7 interlaced. The wires are only Ø1mm in thickness and blends in with this elegant installation, offering a safe and swift installation without compromising the safety.

As gripper for the main wire, we chose a side exit gripper with a joint that enables 180° angling. Together with our adjustable gripper we added one of our elegant caps that can hold up to four wires, enabling that one fixing point can mouth out to four fixing points, using this cap. From this hanging point, we now have an adjustable gripper with possibilities of angling, and possibility for four wires to connects with the main object.

The four wires are then inserted to our grippers with shape of a hook and comes with a safety spring. The hook grippers are then fixed to our spring steel spiral springs, which are inserted to the acoustic panel and goes out into a contemporary installation.
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Ljuskultur utgåva 2 2022 ALEMTEK vajerlås